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"The Tollkeeper" wins Edgar Allan Poe-Inspired Writing Contest

I would like to thank Virginia's Own Poe Museum, dedicated to the life and writing of Edgar Allan Poe, for accepting my (very) short story "The Tollkeeper" for their Poe-inspired writing contest!

I was very lucky to be considered, and was even invited to the even to do a reading of the piece, which was a really exciting and scary and awesome.

Dead Man's Grave - A Tell Don't Show Mystery

Well, we done did it again. Tell Don't Show celebrated Halloween right by releasing the follow-up to BloodDead, the story that spooked your socks off last year! But instead of a story or something dumb like that, we made a videogame that is the spookiest.

Dead Man's Grave - A Tell Don't Show Mystery can be played online over at Playfic and the IFDB where it's also archived. It's one of those text-typey games, but it does run at 60FPS. I think.

'Silence of the Somme' Over at EDF!

The good folks over at the flash-fiction site called Every Day Fiction were kind enough to share my First World War piece titled 'The Silence of the Somme.' They were a blast to work with, and their using the story to commemorate Veterans and/or Armistice Day was a true honor.

N.B. It should be said that while it is not an excessively violent story, it deals with a very real and present aspect of war, so it may not be suitable for all readers.