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'Silence of the Somme' Over at EDF!

The good folks over at the flash-fiction site called Every Day Fiction were kind enough to share my First World War piece titled 'The Silence of the Somme.' They were a blast to work with, and their using the story to commemorate Veterans and/or Armistice Day was a true honor.

N.B. It should be said that while it is not an excessively violent story, it deals with a very real and present aspect of war, so it may not be suitable for all readers.


BloodDead Up at Tell Don't Show!

"BloodDead" Ben Berumez, 2014.

In celebration of All Hallowe'en's Eve, I wrote and orated what may one day come to be known as the scariest story humankind has ever conceived. The name (look away if you don't want your brain to scream) is BloodDead, and was written for the latest episode of Tell Don't Show. Listen.....


N.B. Thanks to my good friend and colleague Ben Berumez for providing the amazing artwork for the story! Why not give his independent music a listen?


'A Town Called Mirage' Live Performance Available!

I was very fortunate enough to have placed second in a script writing contest hosted by an acting troupe called The On the Air Radio Players (or, as they self-stylize, OTARP). They're a group local to my area that's dedicated to keeping the style and feel of old time radio shows. As I'm a fan of radio drama both old and new, I couldn't resist putting my name in the hat!

My entry, a weird western called 'A Town Called Mirage', can be heard here (it's the first performance in the recording). I had gone to both of the performances, and it was one of the oddest experiences I've ever had. Mostly in a good way.