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BloodDead Up at Tell Don't Show!

"BloodDead" Ben Berumez, 2014.

In celebration of All Hallowe'en's Eve, I wrote and orated what may one day come to be known as the scariest story humankind has ever conceived. The name (look away if you don't want your brain to scream) is BloodDead, and was written for the latest episode of Tell Don't Show. Listen.....


N.B. Thanks to my good friend and colleague Ben Berumez for providing the amazing artwork for the story! Why not give his independent music a listen?


'Interference by Default' at Overthinking It!

Today, I'm glad to announce that an analytic piece I wrote about the Star Trek franchise can be found over at Overthinking It. It's a pop culture site that, as the name implies, applies an excessive amount of over-analysis to the parts of stories that would normally pass us by.

My piece "Interference by Default: The Hegemony and Hypocrisy of the Prime Directive" took a look at the central doctrine of the United Federation of Planets, and (conclusively) found that Gene Roddenberry's bright vision of the future was actually a culture-destroying empire.


'The Tell Don't Show' Launched!

I'm very excited to announce the launch of my new talk podcast, The Tell Don't Show with Jon and Joe, co-hosted by myself and my very good friend and writing partner Joe. The show is going to be about the two of us talking about creativity (in general) and writing (specifically).

The majority of the show will be discussion on a given topic, but since we're writers we may have other forms of content waiting in the wings. The first show, If We Had to Choose One Heart, is live now! You can even listen to it here, if you like!